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Dr. Sears' Daily Essentials - OmegaRx & MaquiRx (28 Day Supply)

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Each packet of Dr. Sears' Daily Essentials contains four capsules of OmegaRx® 2, providing the same level of omega-3 fatty acids as one tablespoon of cod liver oil or eating two pounds of tuna, and one capsule of Maqui Rx, providing the same levels of delphinidins as eating a pound of blueberries. Dr. Sears' Daily Essentials is the one supplement you never want to leave home without, and now you have it in its most convenient travel format.

Benefits of Dr. Sears' Daily Essentials:

  • 28 Individual Packets for Simplicity & Convenience
  • Optimal Balance to Provide a Powerful Metabolic Synergy
  • PCB levels nearly 20 times lower than industry standards

Includes 28 day supply of individual packets.